Audience targeting

  • We support first and third party audience connections plus, our third party data partners like Kochava, Adsquare and Dataxpand, for audience building that best suits, each digital campaign needs
  • Reach people based on:
    • Demographic attributes
    • Lifestyle & behavioral characteristics
    • What context they are interested in
    • What devices they use (device type, device brand, device model, operating system, language setting)
  • Using our audience activity tool, Retarget users that have clicked in the ad or users that have been served but not clicked, either based on cookie or directly from the campaign’s reached audience
  • Gain access to the user’s device ID including ID advertising after any view, click or download, and  retarget with dynamic messaging

Native Advertorial

The power of content!

A special position in the webpage of the online publisher. Clicking on it leads you to the article (written by the advertiser), but instead of taking you to the advertiser’s website, you stay on the website of the online publisher, so that it looks more like an article from the online publisher rather than a paid advertisement. The article includes hyperlinks that drive traffic to the website from the really interested readers of the article.

Online content that appears within the news feeds, while readers are engaging with online content in their favorite publications

Enables creation of quality, relevant, easily digestible content, that makes an impact on readers

Content is communicated in an enjoyable, informative and easily understood format

Pop Ads

Pop Ads You can’t ignore them!

  • Pops are the new browser windows or tabs appearing over a currently viewed page (pop ups)
  • As ads, they appear automatically during the recipient's browsing session and display the landing page we are advertising
  • They have a 100% view rate because they have to be seen to be closed.

Push Notification

Traffic that drives results!

  • Push Ads/Notifications are sent to opted-in users of a publisher's website.
  • Users receive it on their desktop, tablet and mobile devices even when they are not browsing the internet.
  • Push ad delivers the messages to your customers more effectively than ever: arriving directly to the user screen, it captures the user attention in a second.
  • 100% high quality traffic and high CTR because users have opted in.


Ad Vanced DSP, a DSP and DMP platform for Mobile and Desktop programmatic advertising traffic offering you flexibility, +700 billion ad requests a day, global reach and all the targeting options you require.

Manage your own Demand Side Platform with full platform control.

Extensive reporting tools, CPM, CPC, CPV, CTV and many more.

Supported creative formats


HyperLocation targeting

  • Reach customers exactly where they are
  • Serve ads to all users within a kilometre from a store, or target a vast number of locations at the same time
  • Up to thousands of geo markers, zip codes, regions, at the same time, and with as small of a range as 25m

Weather Targeting

  • Identifies the weather conditions of an audience’s area and shows specific content to them based on that information
  • Takes into consideration the weather and how it may affect consumer behavior
  • Uses AI-driven insights to recommend specific products that are necessary for the viewer during certain specific local weather conditions

DMP connections

  • A data management platform (DMP) is a unifying platform to collect, organize and activate first-, second- and third-party audience data
  • From any source, including online, offline, mobile, and beyond
  • Data-driven marketing that allows businesses to gain unique insights into their customers
  • Tracks attributes like Demographics, Geographics, Technographics, Psychographics, Contextual
  • Enables data processing and segmentation

CDP services

  • A CDP (Customer Data Platform) is a collection of software which creates a persistent, unified customer database. Data is pulled from multiple sources, cleaned and combined to create a single customer profile.
  • It helps to understand your customer, so you can deliver the right experience
  • It places users into segments, provides the ‘right’ customer details, and gives you comprehensive integration across the entire lifecycle of data, end-to-end